This could help with the affordable housing crisis in Asheville. The city fathers (or is it children) are considering implementing a pay-as-you-throw trash collection system. Lisa Skumatz from Colorado was hired to recommend the optimum pricing schedule. Skumatz said pay-as-you-throw systems generally reduce waste streams by sixteen percent. I don’t know how much of that is diverted to outside dumpsters.

So, how does this help with housing? Suppose you’re a busy mom who doesn’t think she has time to wash diapers, or maybe you’ve got a senior in your home who is prone to lots of biomesses. Maybe your home business cuts pieces that geometrically cannot save any more material. I don’t know your reason, but maybe you’re one of a handful of people who take this as the final straw pricing you out of the Asheville housing market. You therefore move to Barnardsville, and Asheville scores a vacant apartment. Voila.