The news on the national front is big. Why, Eric Holder will be resigning. At the local level, we just have little bitties; viz.:

  • That’s Not What They Mean

    The Black Mountain Center for the Arts has announced “Bring Back the Monarch awareness events.”

  • Knaves in Waiting

    The Boone Police Department rung up three DWI’s and six “unspecified motor vehicle violations” at their last checkpoint. I’m sure the hassle of taking people offline to sit around and wait and be searched was as good for the economy as Asheville City Council calling an hour-long closed session during their last meeting.

  • Pay No Attention to the Wage Slaves Who Don’t Get Lunch Breaks

    I forgot to mention, members of Asheville City Council encouraged members of the public to attend the mayor’s State of the City Address Wednesday, October 1, at noon, in the US Cellular Center. A headcount is required a priori, as lunch will be provided. Members of council took that as an opportunity to inform the public that there was indeed such a thing as a free lunch.

OK, now. Don’t follow my example and be productive. I command you!