Emily Goodin writes for DailyMail.com about the president’s routines.

President Joe Biden starts his day with a workout and caps it off with a phone call to son Hunter while, sandwhiched in between, are a national security briefing, staff meetings, events, day trips and whatever else the day may bring.

The president’s schedule has returned to the spotlight amid a new report claiming aides struggle to get the 80-year-old to do evening or morning events.

Biden literally carries his schedule around with him on a long white notecard, checking off items with a black pen as he moves through the day. It’s a habit that goes back to the Senate where, in the days before smart phones, staff printed out each day’s schedule for the lawmaker to have handy.

The president also has ‘cheat sheets’ for other items, including one on Wednesday that raised eyebrows: it outlined a question expected to be asked at his press conference with the president of South Korea. Another card gave the president detailed instructions about an earlier briefing. 

It raised questions about how much he is managed by his aides and whether it’s too much handling. Photographers caught Biden with a cheat sheet at the G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia, last November that contained instructions that said ‘YOU will sit at the center’ and ‘YOU will deliver opening remarks.’

Then there are questions about how he spends his day. The White House releases a daily schedule, but it’s not reflective of all a president does.

Biden is, by most accounts, a night owl. Coming back from Ireland earlier this month he chatted with reporters on the tarmac at 2:30 in the morning. But his advancing age has led to questions about his health and stamina as he faces the 2024 re-election campaign. He is the oldest president in American history. 

Some close Biden advisers told Axios that the president ‘has diminished his energy, significantly limiting his schedule.’