The John Locke Foundation and environmental group NC WARN agree that a power-plant financing scheme called Construction Work in Progress, or CWIP, tends to hurt electricity consumers.

CWIP allows utility companies to charge customers for construction of new power plants, even if those plants never are completed or placed in service.

JLF and NC WARN co-sponsored a forum titled “The Prospect of State-Mandated Consumer Financing of Power Plants” Thursday afternoon in Raleigh. Former N.C. Supreme Court Justice Bob Orr moderated a panel discussion featuring: Jon Sanders, JLF director of regulatory studies; Jim Warren, NC WARN chief executive; John Runkle, NC WARN attorney; Jim Clarkson, president of Resources Supply Management; Ivan Penn, investigative reporter for the Tampa Bay Times; and Rep. Mike Hager, R-N.C.

Click play below to watch the 1:53:23 forum.