He’s made their bed, and he has predetermined they are resegregationists. Facts don’t matter to Procrustes; ignoring or stretching is what he does. Inconvenient facts — such as neighborhood schools being an issue supported across race and class “divisions,” the high-handed antics of the previous majority having infuriated Wake County families, and so forth — are what Procrustes just chops right off and pretends never existed. Things absolutely must fit his little boxspring.

So whatever they do, however far removed it would be from the made-up resegregation scare, this new school board majority must be portrayed as hardcore racists pining for the days of segregated schools and working to re-engineer them for the 21st century. The Procrustean mindset of today’s one-note angry left would have it no other way, no matter how much they have to stretch and chop to make it appear so.

Today, for example, their reaction to the school board vote to get rid of mandatory year-round schools is that it’s part of a “grand, orchestrated plan to take Wake County back 50 years.”