The Daily Show TV personality Jordan Klepper targets parents and protesters at a rally in Johnston County, North Carolina, in a video out this week (Full video at bottom of this post). The rally’s primary focus appears to be pushing back against mask and vaccine mandates for K-12 public schools, but Klepper is quick to point out that parents also voice concern over the rise of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the classroom.

Klepper is the caricature of progressive arrogance in his patronizing tone and questions to the concerned parents at the rally. Using what appears to be trick questions and selective editing, Klepper and his team try to paint average North Carolinians as a picture of ill-informed or ignorant.

Actual engagement over a diversity of opinions on COVID response or CRT in K-12 schools is clearly not the point of Klepper’s endeavor.

One exchange, in particular, struck me as interesting in conveying how big-government Progressives view the role of K-12 public schools (Exchange starts at 4:15 in the video).

Parent: “I don’t co-parent with the government.”

Klepper: “Do your kids go to private school?”

Parent: “They’re enrolled in public school.”

Klepper: “Isn’t that kind of co-parenting with the government?

Parent: “No, it isn’t… We have a board of education; we also elect who our officials are. We get to have a voice.”

Klepper: “Right. So, you work with the government.”

Parent: “We do.”

Klepper: “In parenting decisions.”

Parent: “Yes.”

(Note: The interaction sounds like it could have been edited, as well).


Gee, I wonder why some people favor the privatization of K-12 education?

 The response from the North Carolina Democratic Party shows them doubling down on this idea that the government is a co-parent of our kids.

Official Twitter account of the North Carolina Democrat Party, September 24, 2021

No, thank you.

There is no grace in twisting the words of people who have little to no on-camera training or experience to score cheap political points. The parents at the rally appear to be average folks – presumably, they have jobs and lives outside of memorizing talking points on these issues. Yet, they have enough concern over what they are seeing to take time out of those lives to protest. Should we ridicule them for that? Gaslight them by saying their experiences and opinions aren’t valid because they don’t align with the elite-sanctioned narrative?

The national and North Carolina Left seem happy to have “the government” (as if our government is not comprised of fallible fellow humans) as a co-parent for their children. As long as it’s run by Democrats, apparently.

I applaud the North Carolinians protesting in Johnston County and across the state standing up against the insane and dangerous – although now apparently mainstream – belief that the government has any role in being a co-parent for our children.

Watch the full video here: