Two Republican mountain legislators are supporting a food and beverage tax in the city of Brevard. Senator Tom Apodaca and Representative Chris Whitmire both support a Brevard Meals Tax bill that was introduced to the General Assembly on May 28th.

According to a a recent news article by The Transylvania Times, the city estimates that a 1 percent tax could collect between $150,000 to $200,000 per year.  Data collection from the NC Department of Commerce and the Revenue Department show that if this legislation is passed, Brevard would be the second city in the state to levy this tax.  Currently, only Cumberland, Dare, Mecklenburg and Wake Counties levy this tax, along with the city of Hillsborough in Orange County.  Brevard will be the first local government to enact this tax in west of Charlotte.

The city planner of Brevard gave examples of the financial impact to the citizens of Brevard from this new tax:

• $10.67 for lunch at McDonalds would increase to $10.77.

• $18.14 for dinner at El Chapala would increase to $18.31

• $35 for dinner for two at Falls Landing would add 35 cents to the bill.

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