Winston-Salem Journal obtains a ‘cache’ of 20 ‘tweets and retweets’ by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Maj. Cameron Selvey, one of two finalists to replace retiring Winston-Salem Police Chief Barry Rountree:

Selvey confirmed in an email to the Journal last Friday that the cache of 20 retweets and tweets were part of his Twitter page.

“You can, obviously, see from the Twitter activity that I’m an avid music fan, a Star Wars nerd and a devout Christian who is working hard to be better man every day,” Selvey said. “I’m also a person who enjoys a spirited discussion concerning important issues and believe there is value in positions on many sides of the political spectrum.

“Those differences of opinion is what makes this country an exceptional one,” Selvey said.

Selvey has since deleted the Twitter account due to inactivity. One strike against Selvey–at least in the eyes of liberals everywhere—would be his retweeting opinion articles by U.S. Rep. Allen West, a conservative Florida Republican who appears on Fox News (heavens!). Now the Twitter profile picture of Darth Vader? I guess that’s open for interpretation among W-S politicos and Star War nerds….