I recall a long time ago in one of my advanced calculus (That’s what they called it although the content was surely third-grade compared to what they teach in North Carolina schools.) classes, there were about four English-speaking students, and we all sat together. One was named Daniel Senekoff, and he had the dark kind of sense of humor the occasion required. I’ve said many times before I’m racist, and white people just can’t do math like Asians. Well, the teacher had delayed again getting our tests back to us. He explained he had a problem with the grades. Under his breath, Daniel murmured, “Yeah. They keep coming out negative.”

That brings me to North Carolina today, where I would encourage all government leaders to take the path of humility, like Dr. Wei, and take as much time as they need when numbers aren’t coming out within reason. Why, if your ROI’s for crony welfare keep coming out in the triple digits, you might even want to take some time out of your busy schedule to take an IMPLAN training seminar. One is coming up in Huntersville, NC December 1-3.

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