I think corporate gifting is stupid, but what a corporation choses to do with its profits is its own business. But when it is a monopoly that works closely with the government, when it is supposedly going to get a real cozy deal with government in its coal ash pond remediation efforts, and when you think about your utility bills the last two months – What think ye of this?

Duke Energy awarded $249,867 to and Blue Ridge Community College to help train new and current workers in the growing brewery, winery and cider-making industry in Henderson and Transylvania counties.

Don’t worry. Duke uses your high utility rates for other purposes:

This grant is part of Duke Energy’s $6.7 million investment in North Carolina community colleges’ focus on technical education and support of business and industry. Since 2004, Duke Energy has awarded $15 million in grants to 24 community colleges within the Duke Energy Carolinas service territory.

It is ingenius. If you are a right wing nut, you just turned down the thermostat because your blood is boiling, and if you’re a left wing nut, you just turned down the thermostat because you got a warm and fuzzy feeling all over.