Reductio ad Kocham strikes again, and I can only imagine the conundrum it must be causing Raleigh leftists who want to see sensible outdoor dining rules in downtown.

IndyWeek, which had previously looked into the downtown dining complaints, investigates a flyer mailed to Raleigh voters that says “Like Eating Outside? The Raleigh City Council doesn’t. The current Raleigh City Council passed rules that made it more difficult for all of us to enjoy a meal or a drink on a patio in Raleigh. We can change that. Go vote October 6th.”

Who’s behind such an ad, whose sentiment seems so unobjectionable? Well:

Generation Opportunity …

     a grassroots organization that receives support from

Freedom Partners …

     a non-profit based in Arlington, Va. that is partially funded by

Charles and David Koch

The conclusion readers are to draw is inescapable. Mercy, the brothers Koch have somehow added to their inferred agenda of global control something as relatively insignificant as the patio dining rules in a mid-sized metro like Raleigh. Frightening, their insidious reach!

For journalism on the ongoing patio dining issue in downtown Raleigh, read Kari Travis’s reports in Carolina Journal.