Eddie Scarry of the Washington Examiner ponders the dubious science behind the push for continued lockdowns.

Liberals and Democrats have so fetishized lockdowns and are so busy telling people to stay home that they haven’t bothered to look at the data in months. Lockdowns may have stalled the spread of the coronavirus, giving much of the country time to figure out how best to treat infected patients and put in place protocols that meant we could manage it until vaccines were available without keeping everything completely shut down. Then again, they may not have. The data leaves open the possibility that lockdowns had no impact at all or may have even had an adverse effect, with some evidence indicating that keeping people at home led to more infections.

At the moment, the state with the worst infection and death rate is Michigan, run by Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. Even she admitted last month that despite her state having “some of the strongest protocols in the country,” “this virus has come raging back.”

She said this, mind you, on national television with a pillowcase that had Dr. Anthony Fauci’s faced stitched across it in the background. Whitmer follows “the Science”!

At almost any given moment throughout the past year, the top 10 states with the worst infection rates had vastly different coronavirus policies and were basically run by a mix of Republican and Democratic governors — that is, other than the top two, which were consistently New Jersey and New York (both Democratic).

Right now, it’s Michigan (Democratic), Colorado (Democratic), Maine (Democratic), Minnesota (Democratic), West Virginia (Republican), Pennsylvania (Democratic), Florida (Republican), Delaware (Democratic), Rhode Island (Democratic), and Illinois (Democratic).

All but two are Democratic. Why aren’t they following the Science?!

The truth is that lockdowns aren’t science. They never were. They were a Hail Mary.