Frank Miele offers Real Clear Politics readers an unvarnished take on the Democratic presidential front-runner.

I don’t know about you, but I seriously overestimated the intelligence of the average Democrat voter. How in God’s name can they still support Joe Biden for president?

Honestly, I never expected Uncle Joe to do well in the first place. After all, he is a known serial plagiarizing groper with a dysfunctional brain that’s consistently out of synch with reality. Other than that, he’s OK. Oh, wait, he’s also an old white guy. Isn’t that a disqualifier for Democrats if your name isn’t Cranky Bernie Sanders?

So yeah, I thought Biden would stay safely retired throughout the 2020 campaign. And when he got in, I thought the luster would wear off quickly and the radical Dems would throw him under the bus. Instead, he has hovered between 25% and 30% in the national polls and has never left first place. How can this be?

Isn’t this the candidate who called an octogenarian voter “fat” and challenged him to a push-up contest? Isn’t he the same “Creepy Joe Biden” who bragged about letting children stroke his leg hair and jump on his lap when he was a lifeguard? Didn’t Biden just do his best Hillary impression by telling coal miners that they should forget about their hefty paychecks and instead go to night school to learn how to code software? Heck, couldn’t he have just been honest and told them that everyone will eventually wind up working at an Amazon warehouse anyway, so get used to it?

In any normal campaign year, Joe Biden would have preceded Eric Swalwell and Bill de Blasio to the exit. All right, maybe not Swalwell. But this is not any normal political campaign.