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These were collected between 3:30 p.m. this afternoon and the present:

? “I read your article lambasting the professor who has the 911 was an inside job class. If you had half a brain you would know that throughout history governments have done these false flag ops to sell war to the sheeple all the time. Its called problem, reaction…solution. In fact, plans to attack afganistan were in the works for years and the patriot act was drawn up well before 911. check your history pally. Look these things up. Sinking of the lusitania, Gulf of tonkin, the truth about pearl harbor, etc. And, while your at it look up the “bohemian Grove” Google this stuff before you write a stupid ass article. You don’t know s— about anything.”

? “Can we say ‘Smear tactics’ to suppress the truth? Your article sickens me. I hope you rot in Hell, along with all the depleted uranium that you can breath deep into your lungs. You are part of the problem in this country today. Don’t think that you are not visable anymore. No man is above the law, and that includes all those who conspire against this nation, against international law, against constitutional law, and against the criminal statutes of this nation. You are nothing more than a presstitude, like J. Gannon. I wonder if you are an escort as well?”

? “You must get your news from Time magazine and CNN. It’s an open obvious secret that 9/11 was carried out by a covert ring connected to our own government, and BOHEMIAN GROVE is a real place where bigwigs go and YES they’ve been VIDEOTAPED WORSHIPPING A BIG F—— OWL. Sir, it’s not hard to find this info, and yes, the bloggers are the place to look. Tricky Dicky called Bohemian Grove, “the most g—— f—- place you can imagine” or words to that effect. There are far too many similar unsolicited alien abduction stories to just shrug it off. Why would (and how could) thousands of people independently make up similar stories of horrorific medical procedures? Have you ever actually looked into it? Flouride is incredibly toxic, etc etc. You are very smug and ignorant. Go ‘take the pot’ and play in the park; you need it. You are a tool.”

? “I’m left with an impression that you are confused by the meaning of insanity. Sure, some sources tend to hit the mark in one area, but may miss the mark in another. I thought that was the point of an open discussion of all ideas – not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Keep in mind, there is a tremendous, psychotic section of the population that still think the buildings fell because the planes hit them.”

?”… Yup! The official story is a crock! Osama bin Laden had nothing to do with it! Americans are the most lied to people on the planet! It was a coup! National ID today, embedded chips tomorrow!”