Why is it that bodies of government like to tell the wee folks about how the dollars they spend on favorite-son businesses get passed around the community? For example, if government gives $1 million to a manufacturer, then that money will go to create jobs, and the people with the jobs will buy bread, and that will create jobs for bakers, and that will create jobs for wheat farmers, and that will create jobs for John Deere, and so on, and so on. When government decides to soak the rich, we might on occasion hear an enlightened soul talk about the greedy profiteers passing the cost to customers, but it never goes beyond that. Perhaps there is some law of economics that works like a check valve, causing money creation to only flow outward from government. With my luck, I’ll become famous as the discoverer of that great principle.

Anyhoo, the Hendersonville Times-News printed an AP article summarizing a few of the costs expected from Obamacare.