WRAL, a news station that has dedicated staff covering the General Assembly made a rookie mistake yesterday as they made comments about the state budget.  WRAL, under their news section titled @NCCapitol for 6/23 they wrote:

“The deadline for the budget is June 30, the end of the current fiscal year. That’s one week from Monday. If legislators can’t find a compromise by then, they can pass a temporary spending measure known as a continuing resolution to give themselves an extension.”

After some time of the information being posted to the heavily visited website a correction was posted:
“***UPDATE: Speaker Tillis’s chief of staff Chris Hayes points out that actually, no CR would be needed, because July 1 is the second year of the two-year budget cycle.  We regret the error!

We all make mistakes, and credit must be given to this news outlet for being one of the few that is giving daily coverage of all activities at the General Assembly.  But errors like this remind us that even trusted news sources can have errors sometimes, and it is always good to cross reference information with multiple sources before settling on a final opinion – especially when it comes to government.