Comedy obliges me to post the following e-mail (although decorum obliges me to edit out the vulgarities):

Mr. Sanders I have never heard of you,but here I am a 62 yr old VietNam vet,(does Bay of Tonkin ring a bell,)I was drafted at 21 in 1964,went to vietnam,A onther no win war,started by a lie,THERE WAS NO TONKIN ATTACK,THATS A HISTORICAL FACT.You think this Corporate Fascist US run treasonist govt would not lie to the American public,or ship out all our jobs for the IMf,CFR,WTO, Intl Bankers,Bilderbergers,Trilaterlists,Bastards like Rockfellers,pimp control satanic bastards of the NEW WORLD ORDER,that this Treasonist Bush family represent .Are you living on another planet or what,you have to be a (expletive deleted) idiot to beleive that the 911 attacks,were done from a cave 14 thousand miles around the world.They so called rag head piolets,which were trained at us military bases,whats that about?They could not even fly a piper cub,let a along jumbo jest,BinLaden,is a CIA agt,we created him,remember Olly North,another traitor and the Iran Contral deal,Bin Laden was on CIA payroll to fight the Russians in Afaganstan,dont you know history,how the (expletive deleted) did you get your job,sucking (expletive deleted) of the Commie/Fascists of some puke college like Yale ?I am well read student of history and the Illuminati,who with their satanic NWO (expletive deleted) Mason and secret clubs like Yale Skull and Bones,which Bush granddaddy and Bush Sr and baby Bush are members along with Jno Kerry,which is a satanic cult antichrist secret society,which think they are going to control the world,and they are pretty much doing so,AH BUT ALSOI AM A CHRISTIAN AND NOT VERY POLITICAL CORRECT ONE AT THAT,I AM A FIGHTING CHRISTAIN,AND WE NEED A REVOLUTION TO GET RID OF 99 PERCENT OF ALL OUR QUEER JUDGES,MOSTLY QUEER GOVT AND BABY (expletive deleted) OF THE RICH ELEIT RUNNING OUR COUNTRY.Thanks for your article,you exposed most of the TRUTH to who the tratiors are and what they are doing to destroy Christian America and the Consitution,By the way I voted for the Constitution Party.Do you know what Fascist are,that when the Corporate and BAnkers run a country,with a dictortor like Bush,who is a draft dodger like clinton,I put him right with Jane Hanoi Fonda,a traitor and YOU FOR DEFENDING THESE (expletive deleted).I just keep buying more AMMO,waiting for the UN troops to come and try and put me in a FEMA camp under Marshall law after the next GOVT PLANNED ATTACK LIKE 911,I intend to die on my feet,than to bow on my knees to (expletive deleted) LIKE YOU AND YOUR ILK,Good news is JESUS CHRIST IS COMEING SOON,AND IDIOTS LIKE YOU WILL GO TO HELL,LONG BEFORE I DO.have a nice day traitor..

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