Per WRAL, the good news:

Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong moved Friday to drop rape charges against three Duke University lacrosse players.

Nifong filed paperwork to dismiss forcible rape charges against Reade Seligmann, 20, Collin Finnerty, 20, and David Evans, 23. The players were indicted last spring after a North Carolina Central University student told police she was beaten and raped by three lacrosse players while performing as a stripper at a March 13 team party….

Nifong’s investigator interviewed the woman Thursday, and she told the investigator that she couldn’t “testify with certainty” that she was raped.

Just to squelch a rumor, there’s no evidence that her exact comments were “Anyway, I lost count.”

And now (it’s still Durham, and it’s still Nifong) the bad news:

Nifong said he plans to proceed with kidnapping and sexual assault charges against the three players.

Why just the three? Golly, wasn’t “the whole team except for that one black guy” guilty of those crimes?

If things continue to proceed as they have so far, presumably Nifong will figure out that the only way to harm the lacrosse players and avoid a race riot in Durham (or at least a cavalcade of pot-banging student lefties too lazy to drive to Chapel Hill to model indignation against that mean ol’ Army recruiting station) would be to turn them over to Duke University to be tried for High Thought Crime of saying the “N-word.” That will be a kangaroo court for the ages.