N&R reports after “months of complaints, rumors and allegations of animal cruelty and abuse,” the N.C. Department of Agriculture has revoked the the United Animal Coalition’s license to operate animal shelters in Davidson and Guilford counties:

The Department of Agriculture had been investigating the two shelters for more than a month after receiving complaints on the conditions and care for animals in both counties. Most of that investigation is completed, though officials will continue to cooperate with law enforcement and county administrators, said Dr. Patricia Norris, a veterinarian and director of the department’s Animal Welfare Section.

“There are a few things left outstanding we’re going to tie up, but the vast majority is concluded,” Norris said. “I wanted to get this revocation order out as soon as I could justify it so I could have a new start … and end the conditions that led to the amount of suffering here.”

In addition, the N&R reports “Guilford County Sheriff’s Office and the Lexington Police Department, in conjunction with their respective district attorneys, are investigating claims of animal cruelty and abuse and potential misappropriation of county money.” Sheriff BJ Barnes told the N&R “to be quite frank with you, I expect criminal charges to come out of this.”