Somewhat misleading N&R headline because it makes sound like the new Republican-majority Guilford County Commission can walk back the previous board’s decision to take over operation of the parks, which is problematic to say the least:

After the work session, Commissioner Hank Henning said everyone should have seen this coming.

“I love the way government sells things to the citizens,” Henning said. “First, they tell you, ‘Oh, this will save us a lot of money.’ Then they say, ‘Well, we’re going to break even’ – and then it’s, ‘Oh, we need more money to fund this.'”

….At the Feb. 7 work session, Henning said the takeover of the parks was a “knee jerk decision” by the previous board.

Henning said that, even if the commissioners wanted to go back to outsourcing park maintenance and operations, the logistics and politics of the situation made that difficult if not impossible.

“It’s hard to go back,” Henning said.

Take Henning’s comments and plug it into another government program like, oh, I don’t know….