The N&R reports yesterday’s Greensboro City Council work session debating what action –if any —it can take toward preserving the 110-year-old Cascade Saloon building sitting on the railroad tracks in downtown Gboro.

I’m not going to go so far as my buddies at Carolina Plott Hound and dismiss the the Cascade Saloon as a ‘crappy old building’ simply because I’ve lived here for 25 years and consider it a landmark for the south side of downtown.

But as you can imagine, I have also have a problem with preservationists constantly constantly calling for the preservation of historic buildings at more than considerable cost —-to someone else.

And the problems with Cascade Saloon are considerable, worst of which is its proximity to the railroad. I simply don’t see a developer —no matter how deep the pockets—- taking on the liability of an establishment so close to moving trains. Put it this way —- I realize this is an extreme example — but if the railroad wanted to put a track so close to existing residences, every horror story imaginable regarding trains vs. houses would be conjured up.

Perhaps I’m wrong and there is a developer out there willing to take the risk. As for the some council members’ reluctance, the Rhino’s John Hammer reminds us the city owns plenty of property –namely the old Canada Dry building next the Greensboro Coliseum and the old downtown YWCA —that just sit there. So don’t be surprised if the council pulls the strings on this deal, too.