Residents and supporters of Winston-Salem’s historic Ardmore apartments met with developer Carolina Investment Properties at a forum hosted by City Council member Dan Besse to discuss plans to demolish the apartments to make way for a modern mixed-use development:

The supporters concern comes from a redevelopment proposal that would raze the historic Ardmore and Cloverdale apartment buildings in favor of a new mixed-use residential and retail area.

Alex Stone is a current resident at Cloverdale. He says he’s concerned that demolishing the buildings will displace too many people who need affordable housing.

“I mean, their next option is almost outside the city,” Stone said. “I don’t think the people who own this property really understand how many low-income people they’re displacing who don’t have a lot of other options.”

Supporters also say the post-war apartments are a historic part of the neighborhood, and the canopy of old trees throughout the area raises the quality of life.

WFDD interviews CIP’s Robin Team, who says “when we finish the redevelopment here, the neighborhood is going to like it…..I know the city of Winston-Salem is going to like the enhancement to tax value–and I might point out–without asking the city for a single dime.”