All the years of watching Guilford County commission meetings, I never understood why Billy Yow and Steve Arnold always voted against approving the consent agenda.

This might have something to do with it. Looks like the Rhino breaks the story of outgoing Count Manager Brenda Jones Fox’ golden parachute, with the N&R following up.

But the angle here is the policy change that lifted the cap on lump sum payouts was buried in the consent agenda for the March 1 meeting. The N&R’s angle is Fox is charged with the duty of helping commissioners figure out which items in the consent agenda need to be pulled for further discussion and debate. Surprise —the policy change that gave Fox a bigger payout wasn’t one of them.

All this makes me think of that warrior against liberalism up I-40 in Asheville, the former City Council member Carl Mumpower, who once pulled almost every item from a lengthy consent agenda for a separate vote.