I’m reminded of the scene in Barry Levinson’s “Diner” when someone asks Mickey Rourke, “Sinatra or Mathis?” His answer? “Presley.”

In each of your examples, I would choose a different album as my favorite from that artist. Nonetheless, I will answer the questions.

The Beatles: Abbey Road, which holds up better than Sgt. Pepper four decades later. The best Beatles album is Revolver (despite the late George Harrison’s comment that he considered Revolver as little more than Rubber Soul II).

The Who: Tommy, only because Quadrophenia is a little overlong. The Who’s best album is Who’s Next. (Jenna referenced “You Better, You Bet,” which has one of the best self-referential lines in rock history: “I drunk myself blind to the sound of old T. Rex/To the sound of old T. Rex/Oh, and Who’s Next.”)

Pink Floyd: Dark Side, which has no disco beats. Wish You Were Here is the best Floyd platter.

Rolling Stones: All three albums are great, but I’ll give the slight edge to Sticky Fingers. The next album in the series is the Stones’ best: Exile on Main Street.

Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin II by a nose. I’m one of the few people I know who rate Houses of the Holy as the Zep’s best. 

How about this question back at you: Astral Weeks or Moondance? (Feel free to throw in another option.)