William Kristol also took note of the Washington Post article you referenced. Kristol was surprised that the Post did little to promote its lead front-page story. 

This is unusual?featured pieces in the print edition are most often featured online as well. It?s unfortunate that Goldstein’s fine reporting has almost disappeared from the home page of the website, since it constitutes a devastating indictment of Obamacare.

The headline summarizes the piece well: “Health plans for high-risk patients attracting fewer, costing more than expected.” These health plans are a major feature of Obamacare, as they are intended to make it easier for people with preexisting health conditions to purchase insurance. Instead, they seem to have managed to achieve the liberal big-government public policy trifecta: the plans aren’t helping nearly as many people as they were supposed to; they’re costing more than they were supposed to; and the big government solution to this will be … to seek more clients through advertising, so as to expand the size of an inefficient program and break the bank even more quickly.