Thanks for the post. It only confirms my point. I don’t see what you read as a mountain to overcome at all. Once again, with your example, we see that lower cost in taxes makes for a prime destination point for businesses. Rather than have our state and local governments hand pick what few get the ‘breaks’ – let’s take this opportunity to excite the minds of folks all across the state?to what we might accomplish if ALL businesses were given a ‘state-wide’ incentive… IE: lower taxes, less regulation and a better educated work force. These ‘incentives’ work on a targeted basis – imagine what they would do if they were across the board for all new and existing businesses in North Carolina. It staggers the mind to think what the PEOPLE of this great state could do if only government would get out of their way and out of their pockets.

RE:Neil Young… There will be no incentive, for I fear you would only listen but not hear. -smile-