I sense some pessimism in your post. (I understand that pessimists refer to themselves as realists.)

When government tries out a new program they target it as a pilot program. If it works, they quickly race to adopt it across the board for everyone to benefit from, right? Same thing here. The more these folks applaud targeted incentives – challenge them to be consistent and make these incentives available for all businesses across the board. It’s really quite a simple argument to make. Here’s a hypothetical…

Senator: I want to applaud the architects of the incentive that brought Honda to
Charlotte . This deal will create dozens of new jobs and will help stir the economy of the area.

Me: Senator, since this worked so well in
Charlotte would you support a similar incentive package for Ford to come to
Asheville ?

Senator: Of course, this is more evidence of how
North Carolina is enjoying a booming economy. These companies are choosing to make the Tar Heel state their new home.

Me: Senator, Since offering tax relief incentives is creating so many new jobs and helping increase the tax revenues to the state, and since you are showing that you truly care for others outside of your district by supporting these other deals, would you support offering these tax incentive packages to every community in
North Carolina all at once?

Senator: Umm….. Arr….

Me: You’ve identified a winning formula Mr. Senator – why would you hesitate to pass along the tools?that you’ve already said work to all Carolinians?

Senator: Well….. Uh….. It’s more complicated than that…..

Me: I don’t understand Mr. Senator. Are you wanting to only give a winning formula to CERTAIN parts of the state? If you found a cure to cancer – would you keep it reserved for only certain people or would you make it available to all to reap the benefits of?

Mitch – you see, it’s quite an easy argument to win. I could go on and on with rebuttals to it. The fact of the matter is this – reducing tax?burdens on businesses?creates jobs and stimulates the economy. Instead of calling it a ‘tax cut’ – call it a state-wide incentive package.?