This absurd bit of blather shows that at least one Kerry supporter is dumb as a doornail. He seems to think that everyone in a “blue” state is with him, a member of the great liberal tribe, and that everyone in a “red” state is against him, a member of the stupid non-liberal tribe. Apparently it does not occur to him that dropping vacation plans at Disney (bad, bad Florida) to go somewhere in California (good, good California) takes business away from a notoriously liberal company and might mean spending money at California enterprise owned by people who are delighted that Kerry lost.

Now, if he and his socialist friends want to publish a list of approved companies for proper liberals to patronize (Ben and Jerry’s, for starters) and another list of companies they should boycott, that’s fine with me. I might make use of it myself, in reverse. But I strongly doubt that “social purchasing” will make any more difference in our political dynamics than the much-ballyhooed “social investing” craze did.