Sounds like a TV show, eh?

Yes!Weekly publishes e-mail correspondence between the Greensboro City Council member and police Detective Rob Finch regarding acts of social justice around town. Maybe I missed something, but –in the June 20, 2011 email— who is the female Abuzuaiter is requesting photos of because “it’s a little understandable that I’m slightly nervous”?

Triadwatch would disagree with me, but when it comes to Greensboro’s political leaders I err on the side of incompetence rather than corruption. So really believe that in her mind Marikay (as she’s known here in Gboro) really believed she was acting in the interests of public safety.

But you have to wonder how the people performing aforementioned acts of social justice feel knowing that their correspondence to a fellow traveler/political figure gets pencil-whipped right to the cops.