In the middle of an otherwise reasonable editorial on North Carolina legislators’ response to the coronavirus, the Winston-Salem Journal can’t help but get in a little dig (emphasis mine):

This would also be a good time to conveniently forget all the weak excuses for not passing Medicaid expansion.

Yesterday JLF’s Mitch Kokai shared this Washington Examiner editorial reminding us that Democrats’ ‘Medicare for All’ proposal wouldn’t have better prepared us for the coronavirus:

In the midst of a fast-moving virus, in which data are changing every day, and in which governments are taking different reactions in response to that data, it’s difficult to draw any concrete conclusions about whether one type of healthcare system is working better than another.

But the data we do have does not support the notion that the United States would have fared better had the nation had something akin to “Medicare for all.”

The vicious coronavirus has ripped through countries regardless of their healthcare systems.

No doubt the Examiner had thought about the implications of an already overloaded healthcare system—as would be the case with Medicare for All— reacting to coronavirus. Same thing with the state’s unemployment system, which so many liberals called “cruel” and “draconian.” Perhaps now THEY will see that overloading social programs in times of relative wealth and prosperity—like a month ago—is not the right way.