First, Paul and Jenna, I’m shocked about your attack on one of the best rock albums ever: “Boston.”  I definitely think it is a top 5 album.

However, I think a couple of albums deserve a little more love if we’re talking about best rock albums.  

AC/DC: “Back in Black”–Jenna, I think Paul has a point about this RDU list–how could that be 13th best?  It is easily top 5.

Van Halen: “Van Halen” should be higher than 18th–probably a top 10 album.

for this whole attack on Pink Floyd…well, I think “Dark Side..” and
“The Wall” are two of the best rock albums.  However, it also is
true that Drew has a good point. While they are not an adult
contemporary band, they are a rock band that is on Valium.  Still
love them though even without “The Wizard of Oz.”

I think I managed to anger everyone with this blog–job well done.