Well, in defense of Jenna, I rank Pink Floyd as rock, and you would have to say so yourself Drew if you go by your own standards — that is, FM classic rock ad nauseum airplay.

I had an idea you might come back using that rationale, which I do not subscribe to. Greatest hits collections? Please. You gotta listen to the songs. The Aerosmith debut was, much as Led Zeppelin’s first album, a bluesy roots-rock project that wasn’t going to get mainstream airplay, except for “Dream On” and “Mama Kin” (somewhat). Then there’s “Get Your Wings” which moved them more mainstream, powered by “Same Old Song and Dance” and “Train Kept a Rollin’.” But “S.O.S.” and “Pandora’s Box” are two more serious powerhouse tunes.

My question is: Why these two seemingly random years? I don’t want to denigrate Skynyrd because I like them, but “Simple Man,” “Tuesday’s Gone,” and “Curtis Loew” are snoozers to me, but I also know that’s blasphemy in my adopted home. The other tunes you mentioned are undeniable greats.

But more interesting questions might be: What are the two best consecutive albums put out by any artist/band? Which band was best for longevity? Which had the most influential short-term punch?

Side note: When I lived up north, Skynyrd only received occasional airplay while Bruce Springsteen was ubiquitous. He was worshipped. Down here it’s the opposite. Still the case up there, Drew?

And what of “Physical Graffiti?” Pair that with 1973’s “Houses of the Holy” and you might have an even stronger contender than Aerosmith. But I don’t know if Drew’s rules permit that.