Greensboro News & Record front-pager focusing on the 13th Congressional District race which –you guessed it–will be all about guns, no matter who faces Rep. Ted Budd in the November general election:

“With an assault-rifle salesman as a Congressman, this will certainly be an issue through November,” Democratic candidate Adam Coker said last week, referring to U.S. Rep. Ted Budd (R-Advance) who represents the 13th District and owns a gun shop and firing range in Rural Hall.

He tweeted last week that Budd “may be training mass shooters at his stores in NC,” and noted that tactical training “is not gun safety. It is lethal training.”

…Greensboro civic leader and former immigration attorney Kathy Manning is the other Democrat in the race to be decided in a May 8 primary. She and Coker have similar stances on gun control, and both praised the student protest movement.

“These high school students are showing incredible courage and leadership. I believe this next generation will be even more politically engaged, and I think that’s a great thing,” Manning said. “They deserve to have a place at the table when it comes to decisions that directly impact them.”

But what’s interesting about the N&R’s article is it addresses comments Budd made to the Lexington Dispatch where he supposedly said the March for Our Lives movement is being “co-opted” and compared it to “antifa.”

But read the Dispatch article closely–note Budd was in Davidson County Davidson Medical Ministries Clinic/Davidson Health Services and learn more about funding for federally qualified health centers and free and charitable clinics. I’m not suggesting Budd did not make those comments, but the reporter never puts them in full context, just tosses them out there to make a good lede before moving to less exciting topic of community clinics and mental health services.

North Carolina has no Senate race, this year, so it’s House races, and the 13th will one of the hottest. Just be on the lookout for out-of-context headlines. No doubt there will be many more.