Duck Rabbit brewery just yesterday, praising them for their good work. They’re a great brewery. Here’s a portion of the e-mail I received from owner and brewmaster, Paul Philippon:

Mr. Messino,

Thanks very much for your kind words about and your interest in The Duck-Rabbit Brewery. We don’t have a formal tour program, but we do very much enjoy having visitors. We’ll show you around and talk with you about the brewery to the limit of your endurance! If you care for samples, we can accommodate that too! We ask only that you call ahead to set up a time so that we can be sure someone is available to spend time with you.

My point here is not to ramble about my beer preferences. It is to show you yet another successful business that is operating without incentives, and I’m sure they never will. The best thing the state ever did for Duck Rabbit was to lift alcoholic restrictions on beer.

If the government would get out of the way of business, we’d have more successes.