As a homeschooling family, I have to admit we are anti-social. We are also weirdos who often do arithmetic problems around the kitchen table.

We are against our kids socializing on a school bus which is chaperoned by a single bus driver who must concentrate on the road, not the behavior of children.

We are against our kids interacting with others at a school facility where profanity is spouted regularly out of earshot of adults.

We are against our kids interacting with children who dress inappropriately and look to today’s teen pop stars as ideal examples of how to behave.

We are against our kids being subject to any of the garbage you hear about in schools that makes the news every single day.

We are anti-social because we don’t socialize almost all day every day with the group of people that 90-whatever percent of adults think we should socialize with.

We are anti-social. And we like our kitchen table!