Roy, when Stanford biological sciences professor Stephen Schneider said back in 1989 that “we [scientists] have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements, and make little mention of any doubts we might have,” I’m sure he meant something very much like what we’ve had to endure lately; e.g.:

? “there have been nearly [FILL IN ALARMIST AND ARMAGEDDONIST FACTOID HERE].” ? Greenpeace press release sent a smidge too early, June 10, 2006

? “super volcanoes … mass extinction … Massive tornados in Los Angeles … death and destruction around the world … If the ocean gets warm enough, the methane will defrost and rise from the ocean into the atmosphere. Global warming will suddenly get a steroid injection. If that happens, we will be past the tipping point. Colossal hurricanes would hammer the globe. The oceans would become too hot to support much life. Droughts, forest fires, and famine would rage across the continents. Florida would be gone, completely swallowed by the rising ocean, as well as hundreds of cities all around the world.” ? Matt Lauer and pals, “Countdown to Doomsday” program, Sci-Fi Network

? “it is appropriate to have an over-representation of factual presentations on how dangerous it is.” ? Al Gore, May 2006

? chicken tickin’ time bombs ? Ronnie Cummins, national director of the Organic Consumers Association, Charlotte Observer, June 5, 2006

? “… in about 10 years the planet may reach a ‘tipping point’ and begin a slide toward destruction of our civilization and most of the other species on this planet. … There is no other view that can be defended.” ? Roger Ebert, climatologist and occasional film critic, June 2, 2006

? “head-sized mosquitoes” ? Associated Press, May 31, 2006

? “an extinction curve” ? New York Times, May 27, 2006

? “Beachside communities will have to pull back as far as 40 miles and sport fishing could be decimated.” ? USA Today, May 30, 2006

? “Floods obliterate Wilmington, Norfolk, even New York. Millions of people relocate inland. America?s bread-basket ? the world?s main producer of grain ? returns to its Dust Bowl days. Hurricanes as wicked as Katrina regularly ravish the Southeast. East Coast weather imitates Ontario. Southern Europe swelters and then the North plunges into a deep freeze. Our global economy is shattered in one day.” ? University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Endeavors magazine, Spring 2006

? Not to mention the recent alarmist movies, such as “The Day After Tomorrow,” “Category Seven” and others.

? And of course, Gore’s movie poster, the ne plus ultra of global-warming alarmist malarkey.