To follow up your post yesterday, Hal, I’d like to piggyback on the NPR’s breathless report:

Public schools perform favorably with private schools when students’ income and socio-economic status are taken into account, according to a new report from the U.S. Education Department. The findings counter a popularly held notion, that private schools outperform public schools.

Of course, the popularly held notion is true when you don’t “take into account” (i.e., discount) for income and socio-economic status since those are rather major factors in who can afford private schools! (Really, it’s another in a long line of Well DUH research.)

But hey, while we’re on the subject, I think once you “take into account”/discount parental involvement in a child’s education, you’ll erase all differences in public vs. private schools’ performance.

Public schools ? wow, look at you now!