As I blogged yesterday, Chatham County Attorney Kevin Whiteheart has written a policy to “supplement” the state’s public records law. He says the county commissioners asked him to do it. Gee, there are more than a few state laws I’d like to “supplement” with my own view, but that’s not how things work. Now the group Chatham Citizens for Effective Communities is raising concerns as well, and the county is now going to revisit the effort to “supplement” the law on the public’s access to documents and information, particularly as it applies to closed sessions. Thanks to the Raleigh News & Observer, here’s a reminder about what the state’s public records law really says is required of public bodies. Isn’t it amazing that elected officials talk fervently about the public’s “right to know,” but they’re not quite as committed to the notion when it applies directly to them. Also valuable is this story on Chatham’s history with not wanting to release documents to the public.