…From N.C. State University economics professor Michael Walden, in The Daily Tar Heel:

(The state’s) estimated agriculture probably would have gained from TPP. Agriculture is a major industry in North Carolina. So, we potentially could have sold more of our agricultural output to those Asian countries. On the other hand, though, the estimates are that textile and apparel, which is much, much reduced in its importance in North Carolina than it used to be — but it’s still important — would have been hurt. So, you have trade-offs. I think that’s what President Trump wants to emphasize: We’ve focused more on who wins, we haven’t considered as much who loses. But it’s not going to move the economic needle that much.

Professor Walden certainly knows more about it than I do, but concern among conservatives is any type of trade restriction will hamstring companies that still produce and manufacture here, which —though not quite as many–there are still many…..