Here’s a report from the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners with a lot of sad statistics. What bothers me most is the high reported incomes and the amount of poverty. Seriously, my subculture whines about $10,000 salaries, and everybody is trying to get me on welfare. I don’t know where all these $40,000 people are. Then, with that kind of income, I wonder why people, 50-some to 70-some percent in most counties out here, can’t feed their kids.

P.S. About 1/3 of us are obese, which leads us to an article in the Watauga Democrat about growing panhandling. I mean, what are we supposed to do? We can’t get a job unless we can keep a straight face calling ourselves Obamacare navigators or community organizers. If we want a job in industry, we have to play ISO games and report things like a 13.25300285993% improvement in customer satisfaction. If we’re driven to empower a generation with forward-looking achievement over the short- and long-term, we must spearhead innovative dialogue like this. Some days, one must just stare blankly out the window and wonder whatever happened those beautiful words written on the BB&T blocks: Reality, Reason, Independent Thinking, Productivity, Honesty, Integrity, Justice – It goes downhill from there.