This would be funny if it weren’t so predictable:

Now that Center City Park has opened, attention shifts to its neighbor to the north, a little-known, little-used green space across Davie Street.

That would be Festival Park.

The 0.6-acre, city-owned plot features grass, a few trees, a band shell, a couple of portable bleachers and little else that would call attention to it.
It sits between the Greensboro Cultural Center and the YWCA.

“A lot of people don’t even know it exists,” said Ray Gibbs, president of Downtown Greensboro Inc. “It has never lived up to its name.”
All that could soon change.

“I would be surprised if (Festival Park) did not gain some attention within the next year,” said Dabney Sanders, a consultant for special projects with Action Greensboro, the nonprofit that spearheaded development of Center City Park. “I think it is going to be painfully obvious that we could better utilize that Festival Park space than we are now.”

..When architects began to design Center City Park, they also drew plans that would incorporate a variety of improvements to Festival Park. They ranged from a $750,000 rehab to a $5 million makeover.

How about a bond referendum?