As North Carolina lawmakers continue to deal with the impact of court-ordered congressional election map changes, WCHL Radio devoted a report to gerrymandering. It cited the John Locke Foundation’s support for redistricting reform.

The Duplin Times cited Carolina Journal Executive Editor Don Carrington‘s article on a Wallace couple charged with $12 million in tax fraud. The Charlotte Observer interviewed JLF Senior Political Analyst Mitch Kokai for an article about a Mecklenburg County commissioner’s proposed “Council of Faith.” The Kernersville News published Kokai’s column on incomplete reporting of polling data.

Vice President for Marketing and Communications Donna Martinez dissected top political news during her latest appearance on the WPTF Radio morning program. Martinez and CJ Managing Editor Rick Henderson analyze the week’s major political developments for Curtis Media Group’s syndicated “People In Politics” program.

The Kernersville News published JLF Vice President for Outreach Becki Gray‘s column about a misleading poll linked to Medicaid expansion in North Carolina. Gray discusses redistricting, election news, and election-related lawsuits during this weekend’s edition of the syndicated “N.C. Spin” television program. She continues twice-weekly politics and public policy updates for WTSB Radio. The Raleigh News and and Observer and were among the media outlets that publicized the news that Gray has joined an advisory council for the Alliance for Responsible Consumer Legal Funding.

The News and Observer‘s “Under the Dome” blog again featured a photo of Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz speaking at a 2015 JLF Headliner luncheon. A Jacksonville Daily News article about an Onslow County staff email mentioned that the email cited JLF’s A grade for the county government’s online transparency measures. A Hendersonville Times-News profile mentioned that one legislative candidate cites in her resume a John Locke Foundation award for her school board work. Candidates profiled in the Greensboro News and Record and Lincoln Times-News also cited JLF. promoted CJ Publisher Jon Ham‘s column on reporters’ relationships with their sources. The N.C. Spin website cited Associate Editor Barry Smith‘s article about the N.C. Supreme Court’s consideration of a legal challenge involving the state Map Act, along with CJ contributor Andy Taylor‘s column on the roles of growth and equality in shaping the 2016 presidential campaign.

N.C. Senate Republicans’ daily press email cited JLF Chairman John Hood‘s columns on the best approach to a state budget surplus and the barriers associated with occupational licensing, Taylor’s growth and equality column, Kokai’s column on congressional redistricting, Smith’s article on craft brewers challenging North Carolina’s beer distribution restrictions, and Associate Editor Dan Way‘s articles on expert reaction to new N.C. congressional maps, transparency concerns surrounding University of North Carolina foundations, and a Duke University panel discussion of the politics surrounding the appointment of a new U.S. Supreme Court justice.