Jack Doll explains at the Federalist website why regulation often ends up benefiting elites at the expense of everyone else.

Regulation creates unforeseen issues, which are papered over by more regulations. Eventually what we’re left with is a 20,000-page bill which is almost predestined to fail.

And it’s even more insidious than that. Due to the massively complex tax code, those who cannot navigate it (read: most Americans) must hire a professional to help them. These CPAs (of which I unfortunately count myself) and lawyers, high-IQ nitpicky people, take a hefty fee from the client and add no value whatsoever aside from avoiding legal ramifications. These folks who know the tax code or the relevant statues inside and out understand the logic behind it and generally believe in the cause. The client has no idea what’s going on and just got charged $10,000 to comply with the law. Those lawyers and CPAs then lobby the government for more complex regulations (which they profit in aiding compliance with) and the lawyers and CPAs in government oblige, because they too know the pedantic reasoning behind laws and the Goldbergian mechanisms which hold the whole thing together.

Thus, the cabal of high-IQ detail-oriented (obsessed) people essentially wage war against people of lower intelligence or lower levels of detail orientation. The people who do not hire overpriced lawyers and accountants are at the mercy of the intensely complex and unforgiving tax and legal systems. Building a business is almost impossible without thousands of dollars of help from a relevant professional.