Today the NC State News Service put out the following:

Kambon, Remarks Not Connected With NC State

More than one year ago, inflammatory remarks made by Kamau Kambon [link] received widespread coverage on various websites, blogs and in the media. It was incorrectly reported that Kambon was employed by North Carolina State University.

This week, a cable network talk show aired the comments again with little clarification as to when the comments were made. And again, some news outlets have reported that Kambon is an employee of NC State. Here are the facts: Kambon sporadically taught at NC State on an as-needed basis. He is not currently employed by the university and was not employed here at the time that he made his remarks.

NC State Provost Larry Nielsen said, “Remarks attributed to Mr. Kambon do not in any way represent the university’s values and standards. This type of speech is absolutely unacceptable in the NC State community. It’s disappointing that these comments have been re-aired; spreading these comments cannot contribute in any way to a responsible discussion on the issue of race relations.”

Unfortunately for NC State, Sheila Smith-McKoy is still connected there. She’s the one describing conservative university donors as if they were a racial extremist group like the KKK:

So here was her question: “Are there conditions under which we might apply to the Pope Foundation?”

To which most of the three dozen faculty members who attended, and spoke, said: “No.”

Their reason: The Pope-funded Center for Higher Education, and its anti-academic, anti-intellectual agenda, and its close relation, the Pope-funded John Locke Foundation.

“Their conclusions are always aimed at denigrating women, minorities and academic freedom,” said Sheila Smith-McKoy, head of diversity studies at CHASS. “I wouldn’t want to take money from the KKK or the Nation of Islam [either],”

Millions of dollars to support university programs? Why, they’ll be lynching folks next!