Peter Hasson of the Daily Caller highlights a new report on the congressional baseball practice shooting.

The left-wing Bernie Sanders supporter who opened fire on a crowd of Republican congressmen in June intentionally committed an “act of terrorism” that was “fueled by rage against Republican legislators,” according to a new report released by the state’s attorney on Friday. ,,,

… “The evidence in this case establishes beyond a reasonable doubt that the suspect, fueled by rage against Republican legislators, decided to commit an act of terrorism as that term is defined by the Code of Virginia. See Va. Code §18.46.4,” Bryan L. Porter wrote in the report.

The Daily Caller was the first to report last June that Hodgkinson had a list of Republican congressmen in his pocket at the time of the shooting, a fact the FBI later confirmed.

The state report contradicts the conclusion put forth by the FBI, which treated the mass assassination attempt as “assault” rather than terrorism.

The heroic actions of the two members of Scalise’s security detail, the report states, “indisputably prevented the suspect from completing his planned attack and, therefore, prevented innumerable deaths and serious injuries.”

The report also indicates that Hodgkinson planned out the mass assassination attempt months in advance.