NC Association of Educators (NCAE) leaders continue to complain that the 10.3 percent average salary increase awarded to teachers by Republican legislators and Governor McCrory since 2013 is insufficient and even insulting.

Yet, the North Carolina Staff Organization, which represent the NCAE’s unionized workforce, claims that NCAE staff “have not received a salary increase in eight (8) years.” They write,

When it comes to finding creative solutions in a budget crisis we are, in fact, strong together. But the budget should not be balanced on the backs of the staff that provide quality services to our members.

Thus far we have been flexible, collaborative, worked overtime, lost sleep, picked up second jobs, lost time w/family, watched friends/colleagues retire, and changed our personal schedules in an attempt to stop/slow the bleeding of the association.

Their petition to NCAE Executive Director Rachelle Johnson has close to 200 signatures.