OK, that headline is of the tongue-in-cheek variety, but if you believed Gov. Bev Perdue, the Employment Security Commission, the N.C. Democratic Party, and a host of left-wing organizations, bloggers and bloggettes last month, that’s the conclusion you would have to reach.

As the JLF’s Rick Henderson points out on Locker Room, and as Donna Martinez reiterates below, the ESC report put out today shows just how ridiculous its egregiously political August press release was. It also shows how gullible the media and the lefty blogsphere in North Carolina were to believe the spin coming from the governor’s office.

If an 11,600 job loss in the public sector last month could be attributed to the evil Republicans in the legislature, then how can you not give them credit for a 13,600 gain this month, using the governor’s reasoning, of course.

But as Carolina Journal and the John Locke Foundation have been telling everyone for a month, these numbers are garbage because they are seasonally adjusted, and you can’t make comparisons month-to-month using seasonally adjusted numbers. Notice today how those who crowed and squawked about last month’s public-sector numbers will downplay them into nonexistence this month.