Geoff Earle and Morgan Phillips write at about pushback against President Biden’s dubious economic spin.

Republicans are tearing into President Joe Biden’s bizarre lap of honor in 58-page report praising himself for the ‘strongest economic recovery in recent history.’

The President boasted his ‘bold and decisive’ action over the past two years has spearheaded ‘significant progress’.

His claims, outlined in his economic blueprint, also argue the country has seen job and wage gains throughout the states.

But the comments have sparked outrage as Americans suffer under crippling inflation, a cost of living crisis and a tanking economy.

‘Biden’s economic agenda turned a recovery into a recession, created historic inflation, raised taxes, and gave Americans pay cuts as wage growth slows down,’ RNC spokesperson Emma Vaughn told

‘Voters are not going to foot the bill for Biden’s failed policies — Democrats will pay the price in November for being in lockstep with Biden.’ 

The White House released a new 58-page blueprint Friday timed with the president’s travel to battleground Ohio, crediting the president with ‘bold and decisive’ action, while citing ‘significant progress’ in taming inflation.

The document touts job and wage gains as the nation recovered from pandemic losses – but doesn’t dwell on record inflation that hit 9.1 per cent in June and 8.5 per cent in July, and has registered as a top concern for Americans as well as Biden and top economic officials.

Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., was less than impressed. 

‘The Biden-Harris economic blueprint for September is nothing more than ridiculous,’ Biggs told

‘The Biden White House continues to attempt to spin their disastrous economic policies in a positive light, but Americans know that the economy is as turbulent as ever,’ he added. ‘This plan—released strategically before the midterm elections—is nothing more than a cheap gimmick.’