Now that Charlotte’s taxpayer-subsidized NASCAR Hall of Fame is losing money, the Charlotte Observer turned to the John Locke Foundation this week for reaction. Michael Sanera, Director of Research and Local Government Studies, explained why this news should surprise no one. The Fayetteville Observer published a column from Terry Stoops, Director of Education Studies, detailing the new Republican legislative majority’s likely education priorities. Stoops also discussed education budget issues during an appearance with Chad Adams on the WLTT Radio morning show. The website interviewed Stoops about North Carolina’s public education accountability standards. Speaking of education, a consultant working with North Carolina’s Joint Legislative Study Committee on Public School Funding Formulas recently discussed JLF President John Hood‘s 2004 Spotlight report, “Equity in School Finance,” in documents prepared for committee discussion. Jon Sanders, Associate Director of Research, wrote within the past week about Newsweek‘s coverage of President Obama, otherwise known as “the god who fails.” The Durham Herald-Sun published that column, while the Free Republic and Ayn Rand-inspired Randex websites also promoted it. Daren Bakst, Director of Legal and Regulatory Studies, submitted an official public comment (PDF link) to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency questioning that agency’s authority to rewrite rules linked to regulation of greenhouse gases. Sanera, Stoops, Sanders, and Joseph Coletti, Director of Health and Fiscal Policy Studies, recently headed to Washington, D.C., for a meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Council. Coletti offered a presentation based on his recent research into state-level health care deregulation. Michigan’s Mackinac Center for Public Policy featured this week Coletti’s concerns about the state-level impact of ObamaCare. The Union County Weekly interviewed Coletti for an article about the potential impact of federal collective bargaining legislation on local governments.