North Carolina led the nation in lost jobs in November. As the state’s official unemployment rate climbed to 9.7 percent, Joseph Coletti, John Locke Foundation Director of Health and Fiscal Policy Studies, warned that state government’s continued emphasis on corporate welfare has done nothing to boost the economy or to create the conditions that lead to economic growth. Both the Lincoln Tribune and Tar Heel Tribune picked up a Carolina Journal staff report highlighting Coletti’s concerns. Coletti also discussed the prospect of state government job cuts during an interview with Josh Ellis for the N.C. News Network and State Government Radio. The Federal Unemployment Extension website featured a video clip of Coletti discussing the downside of unemployment extensions. The Jefferson Post published the most recent column from Jon Sanders, Associate Director of Research, who highlighted Newsweek‘s examination of the “god who fails,” President Obama. The Mooresville Tribune picked up a column from Terry Stoops, Director of Education Studies, that focuses on the possible use of the ACT as part of North Carolina’s public school testing program. promoted a column from Roy Cordato, Vice President for Research and Resident Scholar, who urges Republican legislators to leap off the “environmentalist bandwagon.” An Alamance News editorial also cited the John Locke Foundation in discussing forced annexation issues. (The John Locke Foundation has pointed out that two-thirds of states that allow forced annexation [only 42 of 50 states allow any degree of forced annexation, by the way] provide an opportunity for property owners in the affected area to vote on whether to be included.) Daren Bakst has led JLF efforts to rein in forced annexation in North Carolina. Bakst also has spoken out against Durham’s official recognition of the Mexican identification card known as the matricula consular. A commentary on that controversial card cited Bakst’s research.